China Professional Multifunctional Cavitation RF System

●Skin Lifting
●Skin Tightening
●Weight Lose

Treatment principle 

Cavitation: use the strong tremor caused by the strong ultrasonic wave, this can bump the fatty cell, stimulate it, and burn them inside the skin about 5cm, thus can completely smash the fat cells, and use healthy and scientific slimming therapy and dieting adjustment,, thus can release excrescent water and toxin, dissolve the inner deep fat; 

RF:Radio frequency treatment is a radio frequency waves through a probe to contact with skin, conduction of energy deep into the skin. This deep heating operations can contribute to balanced structure and subcutaneous tissue of the skin immediately tightens, instant wrinkle effect occurs. Heated skin Dermis while stimulating collagen regeneration, to gradually restore skin elasticity, achieve the goal of long-term reduction of wrinkles. the RF is acting on the dermal layer of the skin, which can be effectively and permanently restore the elasticity of the skin 



Applications  1. Wrinkle removal, face lift and skin tighten;

2. Redundant cellulite removal;

3. Body slimming and body shaping;

4. Fatigue relieving;

5. Channels and collaterals dredging;

6. Improve metabolism lymph detoxification.




1. Portable machine;

2. Suitable for all kinds of skin and people;

3. Comfortable, no pain, no scar in treatment;

4. Easy to operate;

5. Quick treatment, not affect people normal life;

6. "8.4" color touch-screen of simple operation; 

7. Unique external design, more attractive;

8. It can work at least 10 hours without stopping per time;

9. Multifunctions, low cost and high profits.


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Our Services 

Heart to heart service  

 1) Warranty


    We provide 18months long warranty to customers.Lifelong free maintenance.


2) Training


    We cold offer our customer professional trainning, ensure every customer own the professional operation knowledge in time,DVD for trainning or online trainning directly. No any charge, for free!


3) Professional OEM & ODM Service

    As we are a professional beauty machine manufacture in china, we can offer every distributor and dealer the OEM/ODM Service without any design charge,any advice from our customer there is hot welcome!


4) Free logo, lauguage, color design

    We can add your logo on the machine screen for free.

    We can design your lauguage in the screen for free.

    You can choose any one color you like for machine.


5) Delivery

    We will deliver the machine within 3-7 days.

    We can deliver the goods to all over the world. It takes 3~5 days by DHL door to door. 



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