Fractional Co2 Laser Machine for skin resurfacing and vaginal tightening

Fractional CO2 Laser For Dermatology & Aesthetic Treatment
● Skin Rejuvenation
● Skin Resurfacing
● Skin Tightening
● Scar Remodeling
● Skin tags & Benign Skin Lesion
● Skin imperfections
● Vaginal tightening

As we known, The Fractional Co2 laser can treat wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity, as well as in scar treatment, skin tags and benign tumors.And has a good effect in age-defying.


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CO2 lasers produce light at a 10,600nm wavelength, which is absorbed by water in the tissue. The laser energy heats up the water until it reaches a boiling point causing the evaporation of the affected tissue.

Some heat is absorbed by tissue adjacent to the ablated target area, causing tissue coagulation which induces hemostasis (the cessation of bleeding) as well as thermal stimulation of deep skin layers, which induces fibroblast stimulation and neocollagenesis (the formation of new collagen).


Fractional: Spot Removal, Skin Resurfacing, Skin Rejuvenation, Stretch Mark Removal

Cutting:  skin tags and benign tumors.

Gynecology:  Vaginal tightening



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Gynecological Laser Treatment
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Gynecology Laser treatment:

Use an articulate arm probe with automatically 360° rotation technology, producing in 50-70℃ at a controlled depth insider the vaginal mucosastimulates collagen contraction, restructuring and regeneration; promotes collagen fiber proliferating, remodeling; improves vaginal mucosa microcirculation; Increases cell secretion and dynamic reaction function; Corrects PH value of vaginal insider; Improves the insider environment; Achieve female private parts to significant lasting firming, nourishing and restoring harmonious sexual life.


Machine parameters图片 1.png


  Laser type  USA Coherent laser (RF pipe)/Glass tube
  Wavelength  10600nm
  Power  45W
  Laser working mode  Continuous
  Output mode  Ultra pulse, single pulse, fractional
  Fractional working mode  Interval continuous working
  Pulse width  1-100ms
  Outpu graphics  7 kinds graphics
  Light guiding system  7 joints arm
  Scanning mode  Sequence mode, mid split mode, random mode
  Spot size  0.1mm
  Scan pattern size  0.1*0.1mm-20*20mm
  Scan area  Maximum 25*25
  Aiming beam  650nm, ≤ 5mv
  Cooling system  Wind cooling
  Voltage  AC220V±10% 50HZ , 110v±10% 60HZ



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