Wrinkle Removal



Principle   The main cause of wrinkles is the reduction of collagen in the skin and the thinning of the dermis. Using the latest combined laser-RF technology to irradiate the skin can thicken the dermis and reduce wrinkles. The principle is that the damaged collagen layer is stimulated to produce new collagen, which fills the skin with folds due to collagen reduction and makes the dermis thicker. The reasonably designed laser can absorb the energy released by the laser through melanin, hemoglobin and especially water in the skin, and produce photothermal effect to convert it into heat, thus activating various matrix cells such as fibroblasts in the dermis to produce new collagen, elastin and various intercellular matrix, and tissue reconstruction occurs, just like giving exercise to the lethargic skin to make it rejuvenate through exercise. The skin is rejuvenated through exercise. After several treatments, the skin's water content and elasticity increase, texture improves, and fine wrinkles are reduced.


Efficacy characteristics 

Laser wrinkle removal efficacy

Effectively improving facial skin laxity, removing deep wrinkles and lifting the face as a whole.
Remove forehead lines, inter-brow lines, corners of the eyes, nasolabial folds, neck wrinkles, hand wrinkles and stretch marks. After a course of treatment, wrinkles can be reduced by 35%%~55%%% on average, and the treatment effect reaches the best state after 90 days.

Effectively remove various spots, red blood and shrink the pores to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and skin beauty.

The characteristics of laser wrinkle removal

Treatment is mild and painless. No anesthesia is needed, there is a slight burning sensation; no need for follow-up care; makeup can be applied immediately after surgery.
short time, a treatment of about 30 minutes, no need to take a vacation, with the treatment.
Safety: no breakage of the skin during the operation, no trauma to the tissue.
stable effect: each course of treatment 5 times, each interval of 1 month, the effect can remain stable for 2 to 3 years.
no side effects, no scars, no pigmentation, etc..


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